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100+ Best Lord Krishna Quotes Thoughts in English With Images

Shree Krishna Motivational Quotes - Read Best Lord Krishna Quotes In English. Find Great Collection Of Best Sayings Of Lord Krishna, Shree Krishna Thoughts And Lord Krishna Images With Quotes.

shri krishna quotes
Shri Krishna Quotes

Top Krishna Quotes In English On Life, Love And Success

I Give You These Precious Words Of Wisdom; Reflect On Them And Then Do As You Choose.

Lord Krishna Sayings

I Have Shared This Profound Truth With You, Arjuna. Those Who Understand It Will Attain Wisdom; They Will Have Done That Which Has To Be Done.

shri krishna thoughts
Shri Krishna Thoughts

Shri Krishna Quotes On Love

When They See The Variety Of Creation Rooted In That Unity And Growing Out Of It, They Attain Fulfillment In Brahman.

Krishna Quotation

By Serving Me With Steadfast Love, A Man Or Woman Goes Beyond The Gunas. Such A One Is Fit For Union With Brahman.

shri krishna quotes on love
Shri Krishna Quotes On Love

Sayings Of Lord Krishna

To Refrain From Selfish Acts Is One Kind Of Renunciation, Called Sannyasa; To Renounce The Fruit Of Action Is Another, Called Tyaga.

Little Krishna Quotes

Calmness, Gentleness, Silence, Self-Restraint, And Purity: These Are The Disciplines Of The Mind.

shri krishna quotes sayings
Shri Krishna Quotes Sayings

Mahabharat Quotes

The Brightness Of The Sun, Which Lights Up The World, The Brightness Of The Moon And Of Fire – These Are My Glory.

Krishna Mahabharat Quotes

Some Realize The Self Within Them Through The Practice Of Meditation, Some By The Path Of Wisdom, And Others By Selfless Service. Others May Not Know These Paths; But Hearing And Following The Instructions Of An Illumined Teacher, They Too Go Beyond Death.

lord vishnu quotes
Lord Vishnu Quotes

Quote On Krishna

Better Indeed Is Knowledge Than Mechanical Practice. Better Than Knowledge Is Meditation. But Better Still Is Surrender Of Attachment To Results, Because There Follows Immediate Peace.

Lord Krishna Images With Quotes

Not By Knowledge Of The Vedas, Nor Sacrifice, Nor Charity, Nor Rituals, Nor Even By Severe Asceticism Has Any Other Mortal Seen What You Have Seen, O Heroic Arjuna.

Lord Sri Krishna Quotes

Bhishma, Drona, Jayadratha, Karna, And Many Others Are Already Slain. Kill Those Whom I Have Killed. Do Not Hesitate. Fight In This Battle And You Will Conquer Your Enemies.

Krishna Quotes On Friendship

All The Scriptures Lead To Me; I Am Their Author And Their Wisdom.

Krishna Message

Fill Your Mind With Me; Love Me; Serve Me; Worship Me Always. Seeking Me In Your Heart, You Will At Last Be United With Me.

Radha Krishna Love Quotes In English

Those Who Worship Me And Meditate On Me Constantly, Without Any Other Thought – I Will Provide For All Their Needs.

Krishna Quotes On Truth

I Am The Goal Of Life, The Lord And Support Of All, The Inner Witness, The Abode Of All. I Am The Only Refuge, The One True Friend; I Am The Beginning, The Staying, And The End Of Creation; I Am The Womb And The Eternal Seed.

Krishna Slogans

I Am The Father And Mother Of This Universe, And Its Grandfather Too; I Am Its Entire Support. I Am The Sum Of All Knowledge, The Purifier, The Syllable Om; I Am The Sacred Scriptures, The Rig, Yajur, And Sama Vedas.

Krishna Quotes In English

I Am The Ritual And The Sacrifice; I Am True Medicine And The Mantram. I Am The Offering And The Fire Which Consumes It, And The One To Whom It Is Offered.

Quotes From Mahabharata By Krishna

Under My Watchful Eye The Laws Of Nature Take Their Course. Thus Is The World Set In Motion; Thus The Animate And The Inanimate Are Created.

Krishna Thoughts In English

Every Creature In The Universe Is Subject To Rebirth, Arjuna, Except The One Who Is United With Me.

Thoughts Of Krishna

I Am Easily Attained By The Person Who Always Remembers Me And Is Attached To Nothing Else. Such A Person Is A True Yogi, Arjuna.

Lord Krishna Love Quotes

The Lord Is The Supreme Poet, The First Cause, The Sovereign Ruler, Subtler Than The Tiniest Particle, The Support Of All, Inconceivable, Bright As The Sun, Beyond Darkness.

Quotes About Lord Krishna

Those Who See Me Ruling The Cosmos, Who See Me In The Adhibhuta, The Adhidaiva, And The Adhiyajna, Are Conscious Of Me Even At The Time Of Death.

Images Of Krishna With Quotes

Delusion Arises From The Duality Of Attraction And Aversion, Arjuna; Every Creature Is Deluded By These From Birth.

Radha Krishna Quotes On Love In English

The World, Deluded, Does Not Know That I Am Without Birth And Changeless. I Know Everything About The Past, The Present, And The Future, Arjuna; But There Is No One Who Knows Me Completely.

Thoughts Of Lord Krishna

After Many Births The Wise Seek Refuge In Me, Seeing Me Everywhere And In Everything. Such Great Souls Are Very Rare.

Krishna Quotes About Love

Some Come To The Spiritual Life Because Of Suffering, Some In Order To Understand Life; Some Come Through A Desire To Achieve Life’S Purpose, And Some Come Who Are Men And Women Of Wisdom. Unwavering In Devotion, Always United With Me, The Man Or Woman Of Wisdom Surpasses All The Others.

Mahabharat Quotes By Krishna In English

The Three Gunas Make Up My Divine Maya, Difficult To Overcome. But They Cross Over This Maya Who Take Refuge In Me.

Lord Krishna Wallpaper With Quotes

The States Of Sattva, Rajas, And Tamas Come From Me, But I Am Not In Them.

Krishna Quotes In Mahabharat

The Birth And Dissolution Of The Cosmos Itself Take Place In Me. There Is Nothing That Exists Separate From Me, Arjuna. The Entire Universe Is Suspended From Me As My Necklace Of Jewels.

Mahabharatha Quotes

With Your Mind Intent On Me, Arjuna, Discipline Yourself With The Practice Of Yoga. Depend On Me Completely. Listen, And I Will Dispel All Your Doubts; You Will Come To Know Me Fully And Be United With Me.

Shri Krishna Images With Quotes

Even Among Those Who Meditate, That Man Or Woman Who Worships Me With Perfect Faith, Completely Absorbed In Me, Is The Most Firmly Established In Yoga.

Images Of Lord Krishna With Quotes

Meditation Is Superior To Severe Asceticism And The Path Of Knowledge. It Is Also Superior To Selfless Service. May You Attain The Goal Of Meditation, Arjuna!

Mahabharata Quotes On Love

Through Constant Effort Over Many Lifetimes, A Person Becomes Purified Of All Selfish Desires And Attains The Supreme Goal Of Life.

Lord Krishna Quotes Love

No One Who Does Good Work Will Ever Come To A Bad End, Either Here Or In The World To Come.

Krishna Quotes With Images

When A Person Responds To The Joys And Sorrows Of Others As If They Were His Own, He Has Attained The Highest State Of Spiritual Union.

Shri Krishna Quotes In Mahabharat

I Am Ever Present To Those Who Have Realized Me In Every Creature. Seeing All Life As My Manifestation, They Are Never Separated From Me.

Jai Shri Krishna Quotes

Wherever The Mind Wanders, Restless And Diffuse In Its Search For Satisfaction Without, Lead It Within; Train It To Rest In The Self.

Lord Krishna Words

In The Still Mind, In The Depths Of Meditation, The Self Reveals Itself. Beholding The Self By Means Of The Self, An Aspirant Knows The Joy And Peace Of Complete Fulfillment.

Lord Krishna Sayings On Love

Arjuna, Those Who Eat Too Much Or Eat Too Little, Who Sleep Too Much Or Sleep Too Little, Will Not Succeed In Meditation. But Those Who Are Temperate In Eating And Sleeping, Work And Recreation, Will Come To The End Of Sorrow Through Meditation.

Lord Krishna Love Quotes In Hindi

With All Fears Dissolved In The Peace Of The Self And All Actions Dedicated To Brahman, Controlling The Mind And Fixing It On Me, Sit In Meditation With Me As Your Only Goal.

Quotes On Krishna And Radha

The Supreme Reality Stands Revealed In The Consciousness Of Those Who Have Conquered Themselves. They Live In Peace, Alike In Cold And Heat, Pleasure And Pain, Praise And Blame.

Sri Krishna Quotes Images

To Those Who Have Conquered Themselves, The Will Is A Friend. But It Is The Enemy Of Those Who Have Not Found The Self Within Them.

Krishan Ji Quotes

Reshape Yourself Through The Power Of Your Will; Never Let Yourself Be Degraded By Self-Will. The Will Is The Only Friend Of The Self, And The Will Is The Only Enemy Of The Self.

Krishnar Quotes

Those Who Cannot Renounce Attachment To The Results Of Their Work Are Far From The Path.

Krishna Quotes Images

It Is Not Those Who Lack Energy Or Refrain From Action, But Those Who Work Without Expectation Of Reward Who Attain The Goal Of Meditation.

Mahabharat Quotes By Krishna

Knowing Me As The Friend Of All Creatures, The Lord Of The Universe, The End Of All Offerings And All Spiritual Disciplines, They Attain Eternal Peace.

Krishna Wallpaper With Quotes

Free From Anger And Selfish Desire, Unified In Mind, Those Who Follow The Path Of Yoga And Realize The Self Are Established Forever In That Supreme State.

Bhagwan Krishna Quotes

Those Who Possess This Wisdom Have Equal Regard For All. They See The Same Self In A Spiritual Aspirant And An Outcaste, In An Elephant, A Cow, And A Dog.

Gita Quotes On Love

Those Who Renounce Attachment In All Their Deeds Live Content In The “City Of Nine Gates,” The Body, As Its Master. They Are Not Driven To Act, Nor Do They Involve Others In Action.

Krishna Friendship Quotes

Those Who Surrender To Brahman All Selfish Attachments Are Like The Leaf Of A Lotus Floating Clean And Dry In Water. Sin Cannot Touch Them.