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100+ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Quotes And Thoughts On Life, Happiness And Love

Sadhguru Daily Quotes - Read Best Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Quotes In English, Sadhguru Motivational Thoughts On Life, Sadhguru Quotes About Love And Sadhguru Sayings About Happiness.

sadhguru quotes
Sadhguru Quotes

Most Inspirational Quotes By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev On Yoga

For Wealth To Translate Into Wellbeing, You Need A Spiritual Element Within You. Without That, Your Success Will Work Against You.

Sadhguru Quotes

In The Vastness Of The Cosmos, Everything Is Going Perfect, But One Nasty Little Thought In Your Mind Can Make It A Bad Day. That Is Lack Of Perspective.

sadhguru thoughts
Sadhguru Thoughts

Jaggi Vasudev Quotes

People Call Books Holy, But They Are Yet To Realize That Life Is Holy.

Sadhguru Daily Quotes

The Highest Force In Existence Is Consciousness, And You Are That.

sadhguru jaggi vasudev quotes
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Quotes

Sadhguru Quotes On Life

When One Is Overfed And Another One Is Hungry, I Call That A Disaster.

Isha Sadhguru Quotes

Trees Are The Source Of Your Very Breath – Cut And You Shall Curtail Life Itself.

sadhguru quotes on love
Sadhguru Quotes On Love

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Quotes

There Will Be True Change. Every Human Being Has That Inner Potential.

Quotes Of Sadguru

We Don’T Need More Hindus, More Christians, Or More Muslims – We Need More Buddhas, More Jesuses, And More Krishnas – Then

sadhguru quotes on life
Sadhguru Quotes On Life

Sadhguru's Quotes

People Try To Create An Outwardly Perfect Life, But The Quality Of Life Is Based On The Inward.

Quotes By Sadhguru

The Focus Of Education Should Not Be On Suppressive Information But On Kindling The Thirst For Knowing.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev Quotes

A Guru Is Not Someone Who Holds A Torch For You. He Is The Torch.

Isha Yoga Quotes

Every Basic Act Like Eating And Copulating Becomes Magical When You Do It Consciously.

Sadguru Quotes On Life

In Yoga, You Never Chase An Experience – You Only Prepare For It.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Quotes On Life

It Is Not Your Qualifications But Your Exposure In Life That Makes You Who You Are.

Isha Quotes

Life Is Fluid, Ever Evolving. The More Dynamic You Are, The More Happens In Your Life, All The Time.

Quotes By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

To Simply Sit Here And Know The Tenderness Of Being Alive Means Being Drenched In Love.

Sadhguru Quotes About Life

The Physical Is Only A Small Aspect Of Existence. In This Cosmos, Not Even 1% Is Physical – The Rest Is Non-Physical.

Mystic Quotes Sadhguru

Pleasure Is Just A Shadow Of Joy. When There Is No Joy In You, You Become A Pleasure Seeker.

Sadhguru Sayings

Whether It Is Your Work, Your Love, Or Your Life – Unless You Throw Your Entire Self Into It, You Will Never Know What It Is.

Sadhguru Best Quotes

Life And Death Are Like Inhalation And Exhalation. They Always Exist Together.

Sadhguru Quotes On Happiness

With Yoga, Not Only Your Body Should Become Flexible – Your Mind And Emotions, And Above All Your Consciousness Should Become Flexible.

Sadguru Quotes On Love

Negative Energies Can’T Touch You If You Are In A State Of Meditativeness.

Sadhguru Quotes On Success

For The Sort Of Potential That A Human Being Carries, It Is A Very Brief Life.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Quotes

Looking At Everything Through Your Phone Is Only Numbing Your Perception – It Does Not Really Enhance Your Experience Of Life In Any Way.

Life Is Beautiful Quotes By Sadguru

Everything That Can Be Created Has Already Been Done In Creation. As Human Beings, We Can Only Imitate, Not Create As Such.

Sadhguru Thoughts

What Is The Meaning Of Life? It Is Too Great A Phenomenon To Fit Into Any Meaning.

Sadhguru Quotes On Mind

If You Want To Be Successful, Don’T Seek Success – Seek Competence, Empowerment; Do Nothing Short Of The Best That You Can Do.

Isha Sadhguru Quotes

It Would Be Wonderful If This World Was Guided By Little Children, Because They Are Closer To Life Than Anyone Else.

Sadhguru Quotes On Friendship

I Barely Belong To This World, But Still I’M Participating.

Sadhguru Life Quotes

If You Try To Live That Which Is Past, That Which Is Will Bypass You.

Quotes Of Sadguru

If You Do A Yoga That Does Not Change The Patterns Of Energy Within You, I Would Say, Don’T Waste Your Time On It.

Quotes Of Jaggi Vasudev

Modern Science Has Its Value In Terms Of Utility, But It Cannot Open Up Existence To Human Experience.

Inner Engineering Quotes

The Moment You Function In The World Without Being Concerned About What Is Happening To Life Around You, You Are A Criminal.

Sadhguru Daily Quotes

What You See As Cosmos Is A Living Mind – Intelligent Space.

Quotes From Sadhguru

Collaboration Is Far More Powerful Than Competition. Do Not Think That Only If You Are Pushed To The Wall, You Will Do Your Best.

Sadhguru Quotes On Love

Your Thoughts And Emotions Are The Drama That You Create In Your Mind. You Must Be Able To End It Somewhere.

Quotes By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Most People Are Ego-Sensitive, Not Life-Sensitive.

Sadhguru Quotes On Fear

One Significant Thing That You Can Do For Your Children Is To Invest Some Time Into Taking Them Out Into Nature.

Isha Yoga Quotes

“I Want To Change You” – That Is Not A Revolution. “I’M Willing To Change” – Now This Is A Revolution.

Sadhguru Quotes On Anger

If Your Energy Body Is In Full Vibrancy, The Physical Body Will Naturally Fix Itself.

Sadhguru Quotes On Happiness

Unless You Are Oblivious To Your Own Suffering, You Have No Right To Be Oblivious To Other People’S Suffering.

Sadhguru Love Quotes

Today, It Is More Important Than Ever To Raise Human Consciousness, So That Technology Becomes A Means Of Empowerment, Not Destruction.

Sadguru Messages

Devotion Is When Your Involvement With Life Is So Absolute That You Yourself Do Not Matter Anymore.

Sadhguru Motivation

Ganapati, The One With The Human Body And The Head Of A Gana, Became A Tremendous Possibility.

Sadhguru On Fear

As A Leader, You Build Trust When You Give Yourself 100%, So That People Understand With Your Every Action, You Stand For Them.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev

Sadhana Is Towards Creating A Sense Of Inner Fulfillment, Where There Is No Need To Lean On Anyone Anymore.

Sadhguru On Success

For Integrity To Flourish In Society, We Have To Nurture It – Within Ourselves, In Our Children, In Our Education Systems.

Jaggi Vasudev Young Photos

This Is A Technology Where Without External Input, You Create A Chemistry Of Blissfulness Within You.

Ask Sadhguru

If You Care For People Around You, You Must Make Yourself Into A Person They Enjoy Being With.

Sadhguru On Money

Spirituality Is Ultimate Greed. You Don’T Just Want A Piece Of Creation – You Want The Source Of Creation.
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